Jsoup Cookies for HTTPS scraping

I know I’m kinda late by 10 months here. But a good option using Jsoup is to use this easy peasy piece of code:

//This will get you the response.
Response res = Jsoup
    .data("loginField", "login@login.com", "passField", "pass1234")

//This will get you cookies
Map<String, String> cookies = res.cookies();

//And this is the easieste way I've found to remain in session
Documente doc = Jsoup.connect("url").cookies(cookies).get();

Though I’m still having trouble connection to SOME websites, I connect to a whole lot of them with the same basic piece of code. Oh, and before I forget.. What I figured my problem is, is SSL certificates. You have to properly manage them in a way I still haven’t quite figured out.

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