I am getting error when I try to dockerize my MERN application

Error 1:

Add stdin_open: true to your react service, like:

  react: #name of first service
    build: client #specify the directory of docker file
    stdin_open: true
    - "3000:3000" #specify port mapping

You might need to rebuild or clean cached so “docker-compose up –build” or “docker-compose build –no-cache” then “docker-compose up

Error 2:

In your database connections line in your index.js file or whatever you named should have :


where “database” is your named MongoDB service. You can use your container IP address too with docker inspect <container> and use the IP the see there too. Ideally you want to have a ENV in your Dockerfile or docker-compose.yml:

ENV MONGO_URL mongodb://database:27017/

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