How to run Pylint with PyCharm

You can set up Pylint to work with PyCharm by following the following steps:

  1. Install pylint:

     $ pip install pylint
  2. Locate your pylint installation folder:

     $ which pylint         # MacOS/Linux
     /usr/local/bin/pylint  # This is just a possible output - check yours
     $ where pylint         # Windows
     %LocalAppData%\Programs\Python\Python36-32\Scripts\pylint.exe  # Possible location
  3. Open the PyCharm settings window with menu FileSettings, then navigate to menu ToolsExternal Tools in the sidebar. (Or search “external tools“)

    PyCharm External tools

  4. Set up an external tool by clicking on the + sign and filling in the fields accordingly. In Program use the path you got when running which pylint. For the other values, you can use the same from the image.

    PyCharm Edit Tool

  5. Run pylint from menu ToolsExternal Toolspylint:

    PyCharm External Tools

  6. Look at your output in the PyCharm terminal

    PyCharm terminal

For more details, refer to Pylinting with PyCharm.

If you want to use Pylint to check your whole project or a particular file or directory, you can right click on your project root, file or directory, then activate External Toolspylint as shown below.

PyCharm check entire project

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