How to remove undefined and null values from an object using lodash?

You can simply chain _.omit() with _.isUndefined and _.isNull compositions, and get the result with lazy evaluation.


var result = _(my_object).omit(_.isUndefined).omit(_.isNull).value();

Update March 14, 2016:

As mentioned by dylants in the comment section, you should use the _.omitBy() function since it uses a predicate instead of a property. You should use this for lodash version 4.0.0 and above.


var result = _(my_object).omitBy(_.isUndefined).omitBy(_.isNull).value();

Update June 1, 2016:

As commented by Max Truxa, lodash already provided an alternative _.isNil, which checks for both null and undefined:

var result = _.omitBy(my_object, _.isNil);

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