How to open maximized window with Javascript?

var params = [
    "fullscreen=yes' // only works in IE, but here for completeness
     // and any other options from

var popup ='', 'popup_window', params); 

Please refrain from opening the popup unless the user really wants it, otherwise they will curse you and blacklist your site. 😉

edit: Oops, as Joren Van Severen points out in a comment, this may not take into account taskbars and window decorations (in a possibly browser-dependent way). Be aware. It seems that ignoring height and width (only param is fullscreen=yes) seems to work on Chrome and perhaps Firefox too; the original ‘fullscreen’ functionality has been disabled in Firefox for being obnoxious, but has been replaced with maximization. This directly contradicts information on the same page of which says that window-maximizing is impossible. This ‘feature’ may or may not be supported depending on the browser.

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