How to open fb and instagram app by tapping on button in Swift

Update for Swift 4 and iOS 10+

OK, there are two easy steps to achieve this in Swift 3:

First, you have to modify Info.plist to list instagram and facebook with LSApplicationQueriesSchemes. Simply open Info.plist as a Source Code, and paste this:


After that, you can open instagram and facebook apps by using instagram:// and fb://. Here is a complete code for instagram and you can do the same for facebook, you can link this code to any button you have as an Action:

@IBAction func InstagramAction() {

    let Username =  "instagram" // Your Instagram Username here
    let appURL = URL(string: "instagram://user?username=\(Username)")!
    let application = UIApplication.shared

    if application.canOpenURL(appURL) {
    } else {
        // if Instagram app is not installed, open URL inside Safari
        let webURL = URL(string: "\(Username)")!


For facebook, you can use this code:

let appURL = URL(string: "fb://profile/\(Username)")!

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