How to log using log4j to local file system inside a Spark application that runs on YARN?

It looks like you’ll need to append to the JVM arguments used when launching your tasks/jobs.

Try editing conf/spark-defaults.conf as described here



Alternatively try editing conf/ as described here to add the same JVM argument, although the entries in conf/spark-defaults.conf should work.

If you are still not getting any joy, you can explicitly pass the location of your file on the command line along with your spark-submit like this if the file is contained within your JAR file and in the root directory of your classpath

spark-submit --class sparky.MyApp --master spark:// --conf "" myapp.jar

If the file is not on your classpath use the file: prefix and full path like this

spark-submit ... --conf "spark.executor.extraJavaOptions=-Dlog4j.configuration=file:/apps/spark-1.2.0/conf/" ...

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