How to get the Memory Used by a Delphi Program

You can get useful memory usage information out of the Delphi runtime without using any direct Win32 calls:

unit X;

uses  FastMM4; //include this or method will return 0.

function GetMemoryUsed: UInt64;
  st: TMemoryManagerState;
  sb: TSmallBlockTypeState;
  result :=  st.TotalAllocatedMediumBlockSize
           + st.TotalAllocatedLargeBlockSize;
  for sb in st.SmallBlockTypeStates do begin
    result := result + sb.UseableBlockSize * sb.AllocatedBlockCount;

The best thing about this method is that it’s strictly tracked: when you allocate memory, it goes up, and when you deallocate memory, it goes down by the same amount right away. I use this before and after running each of my unit tests, so I can tell which test is leaking memory (for example).

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