How to download and save all PDF from a dynamic web?

You have to make a post http requests with appropriate json parameter. Once you get the response, you have to parse two fields objectId and nombreFichero to use them to build right links to the pdf’s. The following should work:

import os
import json
import requests

payload = {"cod_categoria": 2,"cod_familia": 3,"divisaDestino": None,"vencimiento": None,"edadActuarial": None}

dirf = os.environ['USERPROFILE'] + "\Desktop\PdfFolder"
if not os.path.exists(dirf):os.makedirs(dirf)

r =,json=payload)
for item in r.json():
    objectId = item['objectId']
    nombreFichero = item['nombreFichero'].replace(" ","_")
    filename = nombreFichero.split('.')[-2] + ".PDF"
    link = base.format(objectId,nombreFichero)
    with open(filename, 'wb') as f:

After executing the above script, wait a little for it to work as the site is real slow.

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