How to access Chrome spell-check suggestions in JavaScript

How do I access Chrome’s spell-check suggestions for a misspelled word?

To the best of my knowledge, you cannot. To answer more fully, I’ll also mention related issues:

  • There was once an unofficial Google spell-check API that has disappeared
  • You can download but not access Chrome’s built in dictionary
  • There is no open API for Google’s dictionary

Is there an event associated with this?

No, nor does the contextmenu event provide anything useful for this purpose: it has no spell-check information and you cannot read the list of context menu items (which may contain spelling suggestions). The change event also doesn’t provide spell-check information.

How does one detect a spelling mistake inside a textarea in JavaScript?

You can either code this yourself or use a third party library. There are other Stack Overflow questions on this topic or you can search for yourself. Related Stack Overflow questions include:

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