How do I download Docker images without using the pull command?

Just an alternative – This is what I did in my organization for couchbase image where I was blocked by a proxy.

On my personal laptop (OS X)

~$ $ docker save couchbase > couchbase.tar
~$ ls -lh couchbase.tar
-rw-------  1 vikas  devops   556M 12 Dec 21:15 couchbase.tar
~$ xz -9 couchbase.tar
~$ ls -lh couchbase.tar.xz
-rw-r--r--  1 vikas  staff   123M 12 Dec 22:17 couchbase.tar.xz

Then, I uploaded the compressed tar ball to Dropbox and downloaded on my work machine. For some reason Dropbox was open 🙂

On my work laptop (CentOS 7)

$ docker load < couchbase.tar.xz



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