How do I convert an array of floats to a byte[] and back?

If you’re looking for performance then you could use Buffer.BlockCopy. Nice and simple, and probably about as fast as you’ll get in managed code.

var floatArray1 = new float[] { 123.45f, 123f, 45f, 1.2f, 34.5f };

// create a byte array and copy the floats into it...
var byteArray = new byte[floatArray1.Length * 4];
Buffer.BlockCopy(floatArray1, 0, byteArray, 0, byteArray.Length);

// create a second float array and copy the bytes into it...
var floatArray2 = new float[byteArray.Length / 4];
Buffer.BlockCopy(byteArray, 0, floatArray2, 0, byteArray.Length);

// do we have the same sequence of floats that we started with?
Console.WriteLine(floatArray1.SequenceEqual(floatArray2));    // True

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