How can I construct a Template String from a regular string? [duplicate]

Is there a way to programmatically construct a Template literal?

No. “programmatically” and “literal” are antithetic (except you are in the realms of compilers).

Template strings should better have been named interpolated string literals or so. Please do not confuse them with templates. If you want to use dynamically created strings for templates, use a template engine of your choice.

Of course template literals might help with the implementation of such, and you might get away with something simple as

function assemble(literal, params) {
    return new Function(params, "return `"+literal+"`;"); // TODO: Proper escaping
//             ^^^^^^^^ working in real ES6 environments only, of course
var template = assemble("Hello, my name is ${name}", "name");
template("Chaim"); // Hello, my name is Chaim

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