Hashbang URLs using Ember.js

Teddy Zeenny’s answer is mostly correct, and registerImplementation seems to be a clean way to implement this. I tried to just edit his answer to make it fully answer the question, but my edit got rejected.

Anyway here is the full code to make Ember use hashbang URLs:

(function() {

var get = Ember.get, set = Ember.set;

Ember.Location.registerImplementation('hashbang', Ember.HashLocation.extend({ 

    getURL: function() {
        return get(this, 'location').hash.substr(2);

    setURL: function(path) {
        get(this, 'location').hash = "!"+path;
        set(this, 'lastSetURL', "!"+path);

    onUpdateURL: function(callback) {
        var self = this;
        var guid = Ember.guidFor(this);

        Ember.$(window).bind('hashchange.ember-location-'+guid, function() {
                Ember.run(function() {
                    var path = location.hash.substr(2);
                    if (get(self, 'lastSetURL') === path) { return; }

                    set(self, 'lastSetURL', null);


    formatURL: function(url) {
        return '#!'+url;



Then once you create your app you need to change the router to utilize the “hashbang” location implementation:

    location: 'hashbang'

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