Get iteration index from

To get access to index, you need to convert your list to a map using the asMap operator.


final fruitList = ['apple', 'orange', 'mango'];
final fruitMap = fruitList.asMap(); // {0: 'apple', 1: 'orange', 2: 'mango'}

// To access 'orange' use the index 1.
final myFruit = fruitMap[1] // 'orange'

// To convert back to list
final fruitListAgain = fruitMap.values.toList();

Your Code

userBoard.asMap().map((i, element) => MapEntry(i, Stack(
  GestureDetector(onTap: () {
    setState(() {
      // print("element=${element.toString()}");
      // print("element=${userBoard[i].toString()}");

References to other answers

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