Flask end response and continue processing

QUICK and EASY method.

We will use pythons Thread Library to acheive this.

Your API consumer has sent something to process and which is processed by my_task() function which takes 10 seconds to execute.
But the consumer of the API wants a response as soon as they hit your API which is return_status() function.

You tie the my_task to a thread and then return the quick response to the API consumer, while in the background the big process gets compelete.

Below is a simple POC.

import os
from flask import Flask,jsonify
import time
from threading import Thread

app = Flask(__name__)

def main():
    return "Welcome!"

def return_status():
    """Return first the response and tie the my_task to a thread"""
    Thread(target = my_task).start()
    return jsonify('Response asynchronosly')

def my_task():
    """Big function doing some job here I just put pandas dataframe to csv conversion"""
    import pandas as pd
    pd.DataFrame(['sameple data']).to_csv('./success.csv')
    return print('large function completed')

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app.run(host="", port=8080)

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