Filter array of objects whose any properties contains a value

You could filter it and search just for one occurence of the search string.

Methods used:

  • Array#filter, just for filtering an array with conditions,

  • Object.keys for getting all property names of the object,

  • Array#some for iterating the keys and exit loop if found,

  • String#toLowerCase for getting comparable values,

  • String#includes for checking two string, if one contains the other.

function filterByValue(array, string) {
    return array.filter(o =>
        Object.keys(o).some(k => o[k].toLowerCase().includes(string.toLowerCase())));

const arrayOfObject = [{ name: 'Paul', country: 'Canada', }, { name: 'Lea', country: 'Italy', }, { name: 'John', country: 'Italy' }];

console.log(filterByValue(arrayOfObject, 'lea')); // [{name: 'Lea', country: 'Italy'}]
console.log(filterByValue(arrayOfObject, 'ita')); // [{name: 'Lea', country: 'Italy'}, {name: 'John', country: 'Italy'}]
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