Dynamic class in Angular.js

You can simply assign a function as an expression and return proper class from there.
Edit: there is also better solution for dynamic classes. Please see note below.

Snippet from view:

<div ng-class="appliedClass(myObj)">...</div>

and in the controller:

$scope.appliedClass = function(myObj) {
    if (myObj.someValue === "highPriority") {
        return "special-css-class";
    } else {
        return "default-class"; // Or even "", which won't add any additional classes to the element

Better way of doing this

I’ve recently learned about another approach. You pass in an object which has properties corresponding to the classes you operate on, and the values are expressions or boolean variables. A simple example:

ng-class="{ active: user.id == activeId }"

In this case active class will be added to the element as long as user.id matches activeId from the $scope object!

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