Check if laravel model got saved or query got executed

Check if model got saved

save() will return a boolean, saved or not saved. So you can either do:

$saved = $myModel->save();

    App::abort(500, 'Error');

Or directly save in the if:

    App::abort(500, 'Error');

Note that it doesn’t make sense to call save() two times in a row like in your example. And by the way, many errors or problems that would keep the model from being saved will throw an exception anyways…

Check if query returned a result

first() will return null when no record is found so your check works find. However as alternative you could also use firstOrFail() which will automatically throw a ModelNotFoundException when nothing is found:

$UserProduct = Product::where('seller_id', '=', $userId)->firstOrFail();

(The same is true for find() and findOrFail())

Check if query got executed

Unfortunately with create it’s not that easy. Here’s the source:

public static function create(array $attributes)
    $model = new static($attributes);


    return $model;

As you can see it will create a new instance of the model with the $attributes and then call save(). Now if save() where to return true you wouldn’t know because you’d get a model instance anyways. What you could do for example is check for the models id (since that’s only available after the record is saved and the newly created id is returned)

    App::abort(500, 'Some Error');

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