apache to tomcat: mod_jk vs mod_proxy

A pros/cons comparison for those modules exists on http://blog.jboss.org/


* Pros:
      o No need for a separate module compilation and maintenance. mod_proxy,
        mod_proxy_http, mod_proxy_ajp and mod_proxy_balancer comes as part of 
        standard Apache 2.2+ distribution
      o Ability to use http https or AJP protocols, even within the same 
* Cons:
      o mod_proxy_ajp does not support large 8K+ packet sizes.
      o Basic load balancer
      o Does not support Domain model clustering


* Pros:
      o Advanced load balancer
      o Advanced node failure detection
      o Support for large AJP packet sizes
* Cons:
      o Need to build and maintain a separate module

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