Add margin between a RadioButton and its label in Android?

For anyone reading this now, the accepted answer will lead to some layout problems on newer APIs causing too much padding.

On API <= 16 you can set paddingLeft on the radio button to set the padding relative to the radio button’s view bounds. Additionally, a patch nine background also changes the view bounds relative to the view.

On API >= 17 the paddingLeft (or paddingStart) is in relation to the radio button drawable. Same applies to the about a patch nine. To better illustrate padding differences see the attached screenshot.

If you dig through the code you will find a new method in API 17 called getHorizontalOffsetForDrawables. This method is called when calculating the left padding for a radio button(hence the additional space illustrated in the picture).

TL;DR Just use paddingLeft if your minSdkVersion is >= 17. If you support API <= 16, you should have radio button style for the min SDK you are supporting and another style for API 17+.

combine screenshots showing left padding differences between API versions

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