adb shell su works but adb root does not

By design adb root command works in development builds only (i.e. eng and userdebug which have ro.debuggable=1 by default). So to enable the adb root command on your otherwise rooted device just add the ro.debuggable=1 line to one of the following files:


If you want adb shell to start as root by default – then add as well.

Alternatively you could use modified adbd binary (which does not check for ro.debuggable)


#if defined(ALLOW_ADBD_ROOT)
// The properties that affect `adb root` and `adb unroot` are and
// ro.debuggable. In this context the names don't make the expected behavior
// particularly obvious.
// ro.debuggable:
//   Allowed to become root, but not necessarily the default. Set to 1 on
//   eng and userdebug builds.
//   Drop privileges by default. Set to 1 on userdebug and user builds.

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