Why is there a default margin on the element? [closed]

Languages are originally built to work independently. So that you could technically use that particular language for what is intended for only. In the case of HTML, it is only supposed to allow you to display something on a browser. CSS on the other hand (and as you surely know), is intended to create all the beautification process. So, with that in mind, Anyone should be able to write an HTML document without any CSS at all and browsers should display it in the most legible form. Now, for this to happen as consistent as possible, browsers have something called “sane defaults”. These defaults cover the margin and padding on the body, some fonts, the most legible font size, etc. And they leave it up to you to overwrite as needed with CSS.

Without the margin and padding on the body, everything would be completely flushed to the browser window. That is not the best practice if you were reading a document.


The links below show Firefox and Webkit CSS defaults. This will help you troubleshoot those defaults that you have no idea where they came from or why they exist.



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