Vectorized “in” function in julia?

The indexin function does something similar to what you want:

indexin(a, b)

Returns a vector containing the highest index in b for each value in a that is a member of b. The output vector contains 0 wherever a is not a member of b.

Since you want a boolean for each element in your giant_list (instead of the index in good_letters), you can simply do:

julia> indexin(giant_list, good_letters) .> 0
3-element BitArray{1}:

The implementation of indexin is very straightforward, and points the way to how you might optimize this if you don’t care about the indices in b:

function vectorin(a, b)
    bset = Set(b)
    [i in bset for i in a]

Only a limited set of names may be used as infix operators, so it’s not possible to use it as an infix operator.

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