UIAlertView/UIAlertController iOS 7 and iOS 8 compatibility

The detection pattern is identical to the Objective-C style.

You need to detect whether the current active runtime has the ability to instantiate this class

if objc_getClass("UIAlertController") != nil {

     println("UIAlertController can be instantiated")

      //make and use a UIAlertController

 else {

      println("UIAlertController can NOT be instantiated")

      //make and use a UIAlertView

Don’t try and work out this based on the OS version. You need to detect abilities NOT OS.


The original detector for this answer NSClassFromString("UIAlertController") fails under -O optimisation so its been changed to the current version which does work for Release builds


NSClassFromString is working at all optimisations in Xcode 6.3/Swift 1.2

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