The Most Efficient Way To Find Top K Frequent Words In A Big Word Sequence

This can be done in O(n) time

Solution 1:


  1. Count words and hash it, which will end up in the structure like this

    var hash = {
      "I" : 13,
      "like" : 3,
      "meow" : 3,
      "geek" : 3,
      "burger" : 2,
      "cat" : 1,
      "foo" : 100,
  2. Traverse through the hash and find the most frequently used word (in this case “foo” 100), then create the array of that size

  3. Then we can traverse the hash again and use the number of occurrences of words as array index, if there is nothing in the index, create an array else append it in the array. Then we end up with an array like:

      0   1      2            3                  100
    [[ ],[cat],[burger],[like, meow, geek],[]...[foo]]
  4. Then just traverse the array from the end, and collect the k words.

Solution 2:


  1. Same as above
  2. Use min heap and keep the size of min heap to k, and for each word in the hash we compare the occurrences of words with the min, 1) if it’s greater than the min value, remove the min (if the size of the min heap is equal to k) and insert the number in the min heap. 2) rest simple conditions.
  3. After traversing through the array, we just convert the min heap to array and return the array.

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