Download the Android SDK components for offline install

To install android component do following steps Run android sdk manager on offline machine Click on show/hide log window here youu will find all the list of xml files where packages are available Fetching Fetched Add-ons List successfully Fetching URL: Validate XML: Parse XML: is main xml file where all … Read more

Capture output command CMD

You can use FOR /F and go through some loops inside a batch file to capture the output: @echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion set var= for /f “tokens=* delims=” %%i in (‘dir /tw /-c b.bat ^| findstr /B “[0-9]”‘) do set var=!var!^ %%i echo %var% It is especially important that there are two newlines between !var!^ … Read more

intl extension: installing php_intl.dll

For the php_intl.dll extension to work correctly, you need to have the following files in a folder in your PATH: icudt36.dll icuin36.dll icuio36.dll icule36.dll iculx36.dll icutu36.dll icuuc36.dll By default they’re sitting in your PHP directory, but that directory isn’t necessarily in your PATH (it wasn’t for me, using xampp) This has to be in your … Read more

How to loop through files matching wildcard in batch file

Assuming you have two programs that process the two files, process_in.exe and process_out.exe: for %%f in (*.in) do ( echo %%~nf process_in “” process_out “%%~nf.out” ) %%~nf is a substitution modifier, that expands %f to a file name only. See other modifiers in (midway down the page) or just in the next answer.