Is it possible to use a CSS wildcard in the middle of an attribute selector?

You can’t use a wildcard like that, but to get the desired result (ID starts with lorem and ends with Ipsum) you can use the attribute starts-with and ends-with selectors instead, like so: p[id^=”lorem”][id$=”Ipsum”] Remember that by linking multiple attribute selectors like this (along with the p type selector), you’re doing an AND match with … Read more

Rename multiple files in cmd

Make sure that there are more ? than there are characters in the longest name: ren *.txt “???????????????????????????? 1.1.txt” See How does the Windows RENAME command interpret wildcards? for more info. New Solution – 2014/12/01 For those who like regular expressions, there is JREN.BAT – a hybrid JScript/batch command line utility that will run on … Read more

Search for a file using a wildcard

You can do it like this: >>> import glob >>> glob.glob(‘./[0-9].*’) [‘./1.gif’, ‘./2.txt’] >>> glob.glob(‘*.gif’) [‘1.gif’, ‘card.gif’] >>> glob.glob(‘?.gif’) [‘1.gif’] Note: If the directory contains files starting with . they won’t be matched by default. For example, consider a directory containing card.gif and .card.gif: >>> import glob >>> glob.glob(‘*.gif’) [‘card.gif’] >>> glob.glob(‘.c*’) [‘.card.gif’] This comes … Read more

SSL Multilevel Subdomain Wildcard

No, it is not possible. A wildcard inside a name only reflects a single label and the wildcard can only be leftmost. Thus *.* or www.* are not possible. And * will neither match nor, only But you can have multiple wildcard names inside the same certificate, that is you can have … Read more

Nested wildcards

It is important to understand the implication of the wildcard types. You already understood that you can assign your Map<Integer, Map<Integer, String>> to Map<?, ?> as Map<?, ?> implies arbitrary types, unknown to whoever might have a reference of the declared type Map<?, ?>. So you can assign any map to Map<?, ?>. In contrast, if … Read more

getElementById() wildcard

Not in native JavaScript. You have various options: 1) Put a class and use getElementsByClassName but it doesn’t work in every browser. 2) Make your own function. Something like: function getElementsStartsWithId( id ) { var children = document.body.getElementsByTagName(‘*’); var elements = [], child; for (var i = 0, length = children.length; i < length; i++) … Read more