Evaluating a string of simple mathematical expressions [closed]

Assembler 427 bytes Obfuscated, assembled with the excellent A86 into a .com executable: dd 0db9b1f89h, 081bee3h, 0e8af789h, 0d9080080h, 0bdac7674h, 013b40286h dd 07400463ah, 0ccfe4508h, 08ce9f675h, 02fc8000h, 013b0057eh, 0feaac42ah dd 0bedf75c9h, 0ba680081h, 04de801h, 04874f73bh, 04474103ch, 0e8e8b60fh dd 08e8a003fh, 0e880290h, 0de0153h, 08b57e6ebh, 0d902a93eh, 046d891dh dd 08906c783h, 05f02a93eh, 03cffcee8h, 057197510h, 02a93e8bh, 08b06ef83h dd 05d9046dh, 02a93e89h, 03bc9d95fh, 0ac0174f7h, 074f73bc3h, 0f3cac24h … Read more

Replace a whole line where a particular word is found in a text file

One approach that you can use on smaller files that can fit into your memory twice: $data = file(‘myfile’); // reads an array of lines function replace_a_line($data) { if (stristr($data, ‘certain word’)) { return “replacement line!\n”; } return $data; } $data = array_map(‘replace_a_line’, $data); file_put_contents(‘myfile’, $data); A quick note, PHP > 5.3.0 supports lambda functions … Read more

How do I keep a Scanner from throwing exceptions when the wrong type is entered?

You can use one of the many hasNext* methods that Scanner has for pre-validation. if (in.hasNextInt()) { int a = in.nextInt() ; System.out.println(a); } else { System.out.println(“Sorry, couldn’t understand you!”); } This prevents InputMismatchException from even being thrown, because you always make sure that it WILL match before you read it. java.util.Scanner API boolean hasNextInt(): … Read more

Split string containing command-line parameters into string[] in C#

It annoys me that there’s no function to split a string based on a function that examines each character. If there was, you could write it like this: public static IEnumerable<string> SplitCommandLine(string commandLine) { bool inQuotes = false; return commandLine.Split(c => { if (c == ‘\”‘) inQuotes = !inQuotes; return !inQuotes && c == ‘ … Read more