How do you determine if WPF is using Hardware or Software Rendering?

Check RenderCapability.Tier Graphics Rendering Tiers RenderCapability Class [UPDATE] RenderCapability.IsPixelShaderVersionSupported – Gets a value that indicates whether the specified pixel shader version is supported. RenderCapability.IsShaderEffectSoftwareRenderingSupported – Gets a value that indicates whether the system can render bitmap effects in software. RenderCapability.Tier – Gets a value that indicates the rendering tier for the current thread. RenderCapability.TierChanged – … Read more

Chrome rendering issue. Fixed position anchor with UL in body

Chrome solution: Adding -webkit-transform: translateZ(0) to the #sidebar fixed the issue for me. I’ve used translateZ(0) to fix numerous Chrome display bugs over the years. The rationale is that by invoking 3D transformation, re-paint is separated from the rest of the CSS pain stack (I can’t provide much more detail than that, it’s pretty much … Read more

In what order are Panels the most efficient in terms of render time and performance?

I think it is more concise and understandable to describe the performance characteristics of each panel than it is to try to give an absolute relative performance comparison. WPF makes two passes when rendering content: Measure and Arrange. Each panel has different performance characteristics for each of these two passes. The performance of the measure … Read more