How to launch 100 workers in multiprocessing?

The literally first example on the page you link to works. So I’m just going to copy and paste it here and change two values. from multiprocessing import Pool def f(x): return x*x if __name__ == ‘__main__’: with Pool(100) as p: print(, range(100))) EDIT: you just said that you’re using Google colab. I think google … Read more

How to make good reproducible pandas examples

Note: The ideas here are pretty generic for Stack Overflow, indeed questions. Disclaimer: Writing a good question is hard. The Good: do include small* example DataFrame, either as runnable code: In [1]: df = pd.DataFrame([[1, 2], [1, 3], [4, 6]], columns=[‘A’, ‘B’]) or make it “copy and pasteable” using pd.read_clipboard(sep=’\s\s+’), you can format the text … Read more