Horizontal/Vertical Line in plotly

There are two main ways to do this (using either data or ‘paper’ coordinates). Assuming data coordinates, the easiest current way is via add_segments(): plot_ly() %>% add_segments(x = 4, xend = 4, y = 0, yend = 10) %>% add_segments(x = 3, xend = 5, y = 5, yend = 5) Notice how we’ve hard … Read more

Plotly: How to define colors in a figure using Plotly Graph Objects and Plotly Express?

First, if an explanation of the broader differences between go and px is required, please take a look here and here. And if absolutely no explanations are needed, you’ll find a complete code snippet at the very end of the answer which will reveal many of the powers with colors in plotly.express Part 1: The … Read more