Is the “async” attribute/property useful if a script is dynamically added to the DOM?

The question is does s.async = true have a use for dynamically inserted scripts, or are these loaded asynchronously already. The answer is they aren’t loaded asynchronously in all browsers, as explained here (thanks to Markus Olsson for the link) script-inserted scripts execute asynchronously in IE and WebKit, but synchronously in Opera and pre-4.0 Firefox. … Read more

How can I add FacesMessage during page load? Using @PostConstruct does not seem to work

That can happen when the message component is rendered before the message is added. In your specific example, the bean is referenced for the first time by the <h:outputText> component and thus constructed for the first time at that moment. But the <h:outputText> component appears in your specific example after the <p:messages> component, so the … Read more

PHP echo vs PHP short echo tags

<? and <?= are called short open tags, and are not always enabled (see the short_open_tag directive) with PHP 5.3 or below (but since PHP 5.4.0, <?= is always available). Actually, in the php.ini-production file provided with PHP 5.3.0, they are disabled by default: $ grep ‘short_open’ php.ini-production ; short_open_tag short_open_tag = Off So, using … Read more

Do we have any generic function to check if page has completely loaded in Selenium

As you mentioned if there is any generic function to check if the page has completely loaded through Selenium the answer is No. First let us have a look at your code trial which is as follows : new WebDriverWait(firefoxDriver, pageLoadTimeout).until(webDriver -> ((JavascriptExecutor) webDriver).executeScript(“return document.readyState”).equals(“complete”)); The parameter pageLoadTimeout in the above line of code doesn’t … Read more