Does the use of the “Async” suffix in a method name depend on whether the ‘async’ modifier is used?

I think the truth is ambiguous even from Microsoft documentation: In Visual Studio 2012 and the .NET Framework 4.5, any method that is attributed with the async keyword (Async in Visual Basic) is considered an asynchronous method, and the C# and Visual Basic compilers perform the necessary transformations to implement the method asynchronously by using … Read more

Reserved words as names or identifiers

This is a valid question. Such a thing is possible in other languages. In C#, prefix the identifier with @ (as asked before); in Delphi, prefix with &. But Java offers no such feature (partly because it doesn’t really need to interact with identifiers defined by other languages the way the .Net world does).

Naming Classes – How to avoid calling everything a “Manager”? [closed]

I asked a similar question, but where possible I try to copy the names already in the .NET framework, and I look for ideas in the Java and Android frameworks. It seems Helper, Manager, and Util are the unavoidable nouns you attach for coordinating classes that contain no state and are generally procedural and static. … Read more

Android – Package Name convention

Android follows normal java package conventions plus here is an important snippet of text to read (this is important regarding the wide use of xml files while developing on android). The reason for having it in reverse order is to do with the layout on the storage media. If you consider each period (‘.’) in … Read more