Triple inheritance causes metaclass conflict… Sometimes

The error message indicates that you have two conflicting metaclasses somewhere in your hierarchy. You need to examine each of your classes and the QT classes to figure out where the conflict is. Here’s some simple example code that sets up the same situation: class MetaA(type): pass class MetaB(type): pass class A: __metaclass__ = MetaA … Read more

Are defaults in JDK 8 a form of multiple inheritance in Java?

The answer to the duplicate operation is: To solve multiple inheritance issue a class implementing two interfaces providing a default implementation for the same method name and signature must provide an implementation of the method. [Full Article] My answer to your question is: Yes, it is a form of multiple inheritance, because you can inherit … Read more

How can interfaces replace the need for multiple inheritance when have existing classes

Actually, I have no good answer other than Java SHOULD have Multiple Inheritance. The whole point that interfaces should be able to replace the need for Multiple Inheritance is like the big lie that when repeated enough times becomes true. The argument is that Multiple Inheritance causes all these problems (la-di-dah), yet I keep hearing … Read more