VA (Virtual Address) & RVA (Relative Virtual Address)

Most Windows process (*.exe) are loaded in (user mode) memory address 0x00400000, that’s what we call the “virtual address” (VA) – because they are visible only to each process, and will be converted to different physical addresses by the OS (visible by the kernel / driver layer). For example, a possible physical memory address (visible … Read more

How to create multiple output paths in Webpack config

Webpack does support multiple output paths. Set the output paths as the entry key. And use the name as output template. webpack config: entry: { ‘module/a/index’: ‘module/a/index.js’, ‘module/b/index’: ‘module/b/index.js’, }, output: { path: path.resolve(__dirname, ‘dist’), filename: ‘[name].js’ } generated: └── module ├── a │   └── index.js └── b └── index.js

How to show Page Loading div until the page has finished loading?

Original Answer I’ve needed this and after some research I came up with this (jQuery needed): First, right after the <body> tag add this: <div id=”loading”> <img id=”loading-image” src=”path/to/ajax-loader.gif” alt=”Loading…” /> </div> Then add the style class for the div and image to your CSS: #loading { position: fixed; display: block; width: 100%; height: 100%; … Read more