How to make Jqgrid frozen column word-wrap

Starting with version 4.3.2 jqGrid supports Events which allows to register multiple callbacks (event handler). Old internal callbacks like _complete were removed. Instead of the line in the demo $grid[0]$grid[0]); you can use now $grid.triggerHandler(“jqGridAfterGridComplete”); UPDATED: The current version of jqGrid have a bug in the line. It will be used this instead of ts: … Read more

Is it possible to bind multiple event handlers to JqGrid events without overwriting previous ones?

I think you ask about an important problem existing in the current version of jqGrid. It’s difficult to implement more as one event handler in jqGrid now. The problem is not important for small projects where you use jqGrid, but can be important in case that you want construct some classes which interprets jqGrid. Your … Read more

Correctly calling setGridWidth on a jqGrid inside a jQueryUI Dialog

There are some cases, where jqGrid calculate the width a little incorrect. Mostly I have problems with grid width, but in some cases on IE6 also with the height. So I have to write a small function to fix the problem. var fixGridWidth = function (grid) { var gviewScrollWidth = grid[0].parentNode.parentNode.parentNode.scrollWidth; var mainWidth = jQuery(‘#main’).width(); … Read more

Real-time data in a grid – better method

I find your question very interesting. I think the question could be interesting for many other users. So +1 from me. The usage of setInterval seams me the best way in common browser independent case. One should of cause save the result of setInterval in a variable to be able to use clearInterval to stop … Read more