Provisioning profile doesn’t include the application-identifier and keychain-access-groups entitlements

This issue is related to Bug 1534145. P-384 curve / ecdsa-with-SHA256 certificates. A representative from Apple estimated 558,000 certificates to become invalidated: Bug 1533655. DigiCert: Apple: Non-compliant Serial Numbers GoDaddy, Google, Apple and Facebook (that would explain why Facebook was glitchy today) are affected. They are working on resolving the issue right now. That … Read more

How do I implement an Objective-C singleton that is compatible with ARC?

In exactly the same way that you (should) have been doing it already: + (instancetype)sharedInstance { static MyClass *sharedInstance = nil; static dispatch_once_t onceToken; dispatch_once(&onceToken, ^{ sharedInstance = [[MyClass alloc] init]; // Do any other initialisation stuff here }); return sharedInstance; }

preferredStatusBarStyle isn’t called

For anyone using a UINavigationController: The UINavigationController does not forward on preferredStatusBarStyle calls to its child view controllers. Instead it manages its own state – as it should, it is drawing at the top of the screen where the status bar lives and so should be responsible for it. Therefor implementing preferredStatusBarStyle in your VCs … Read more

Text inset for UITextField?

Overriding -textRectForBounds: will only change the inset of the placeholder text. To change the inset of the editable text, you need to also override -editingRectForBounds: // placeholder position – (CGRect)textRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds { return CGRectInset(bounds, 10, 10); } // text position – (CGRect)editingRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds { return CGRectInset(bounds, 10, 10); }

“Warning: iPhone apps should include an armv6 architecture” even with build config set

If using Xcode 4.2 or higher, try the following: Click your Project name (in the left column), followed by the Target: Click the ‘Build Settings’ tab (in the right column): Click the ‘Release’ or ‘Distribution’ row under ‘Architectures’, and choose ‘Other…’: Double click the highlighted row named ‘$(ARCHS_STANDARD_32_BIT)’ in the popover that appears, and replace … Read more

How can I change image tintColor in iOS and WatchKit

iOS For an iOS app, in Swift 3, 4 or 5: theImageView.image = theImageView.image?.withRenderingMode(.alwaysTemplate) theImageView.tintColor = For Swift 2: theImageView.image = theImageView.image?.imageWithRenderingMode(UIImageRenderingMode.AlwaysTemplate) theImageView.tintColor = UIColor.redColor() Meanwhile, the modern Objective-C solution is: theImageView.image = [theImageView.image imageWithRenderingMode:UIImageRenderingModeAlwaysTemplate]; [theImageView setTintColor:[UIColor redColor]]; Watchkit In WatchKit for Apple Watch apps, you can set the tint color for a template … Read more