Git – how do I view the change history of a method/function?

Recent versions of git log learned a special form of the -L parameter: -L :<funcname>:<file> Trace the evolution of the line range given by “<start>,<end>” (or the function name regex <funcname>) within the <file>. You may not give any pathspec limiters. This is currently limited to a walk starting from a single revision, i.e., you … Read more

SecurityError: The operation is insecure – window.history.pushState()

Make sure you are following the Same Origin Policy. This means same domain, same subdomain, same protocol (http vs https) and same port. How does pushState protect against potential content forgeries? EDIT: As @robertc aptly pointed out in his comment, some browsers actually implement slightly different security policies when the origin is file:///. Not to … Read more

iPhone call log / history

Sorry but right now it really can’t be done.. On iOS 5 there isn’t any access to call_history.db -> Which is exactly what you were looking for. The app mentioned here: Does not work with iOS 5 (don’t download but check the users’ reviews..) On iOS 4, you might still be able to get … Read more

When was the NULL macro not 0?

The C FAQ has some examples of historical machines with non-0 NULL representations. From The C FAQ List, question 5.17: Q: Seriously, have any actual machines really used nonzero null pointers, or different representations for pointers to different types? A: The Prime 50 series used segment 07777, offset 0 for the null pointer, at least … Read more