SwiftUI Line Graph Animation using Vector Arithmetic

Why do you want to avoid Metal? Enabling its support is as easy as wrapping your LineGraphShapes into Group and modifying it with a drawingGroup(). Try it out: … Group { let gradient = LinearGradient( gradient: Gradient(colors: [Color.red, Color.blue]), startPoint: .leading, endPoint: .trailing ) LineGraphShape(points: points[selectedPointType], closePath: true) .fill(gradient) LineGraphShape(points: points[selectedPointType], closePath: false) .stroke( gradient, … Read more

Tensorflow: How to convert .meta, .data and .index model files into one graph.pb file

You can use this simple script to do that. But you must specify the names of the output nodes. import tensorflow as tf meta_path=”model.ckpt-22480.meta” # Your .meta file output_node_names = [‘output:0’] # Output nodes with tf.Session() as sess: # Restore the graph saver = tf.train.import_meta_graph(meta_path) # Load weights saver.restore(sess,tf.train.latest_checkpoint(‘path/of/your/.meta/file’)) # Freeze the graph frozen_graph_def = … Read more

draw polar graph in java

You might like to look at Lissajous curves; an example of a = 5, b = 4 (5:4) is shown below. Addendum: Once you see how to plot points in xy coordinates, then you should look at converting between polar and Cartesian coordinates. public class LissajousPanel extends JPanel { private static final int SIZE = … Read more

Finding all the shortest paths between two nodes in unweighted undirected graph

As a caveat, remember that there can be exponentially many shortest paths between two nodes in a graph. Any algorithm for this will potentially take exponential time. That said, there are a few relatively straightforward algorithms that can find all the paths. Here’s two. BFS + Reverse DFS When running a breadth-first search over a … Read more

Destroy chart.js bar graph to redraw other graph in same

The correct method to use, in order to be able to draw another chart on the same canvas, is .destroy(). You must call it on the previously created chart object. You may also use the same variable for both charts. var grapharea = document.getElementById(“barChart”).getContext(“2d”); var myChart = new Chart(grapharea, { type: ‘bar’, data: barData, options: … Read more