How to calculate Tangent and Binormal?

The relevant input data to your problem are the texture coordinates. Tangent and Binormal are vectors locally parallel to the object’s surface. And in the case of normal mapping they’re describing the local orientation of the normal texture. So you have to calculate the direction (in the model’s space) in which the texturing vectors point. … Read more

Why is the sprite not rendering in OpenGL?

You have to initialize the model matrix variable glm::mat4 model. The glm API documentation refers to The OpenGL Shading Language specification 4.20. 5.4.2 Vector and Matrix Constructors If there is a single scalar parameter to a vector constructor, it is used to initialize all components of the constructed vector to that scalar’s value. If there … Read more

How to recover view space position given view space depth value and ndc xy

3 Solutions to recover view space position in perspective projection The projection matrix describes the mapping from 3D points of a scene, to 2D points of the viewport. It transforms from view (eye) space to the clip space, and the coordinates in the clip space are transformed to the normalized device coordinates (NDC) by dividing … Read more

Passing a list of values to fragment shader

There are currently 4 ways to do this: standard 1D textures, buffer textures, uniform buffers, and shader storage buffers. 1D Textures With this method, you use glTex(Sub)Image1D to fill a 1D texture with your data. Since your data is just an array of floats, your image format should be GL_R32F. You then access it in … Read more