Google Sheet yields infinitesimal number as remainder of an integer/whole number

actually, this is not a bug and it is pretty common. its called a floating point “error” and in a nutshell, it has to do things with how decimal numbers are stored within a google sheets (even excel or any other app) more details can be found here: to counter it you will need … Read more

Rounding Errors?

It is true. It is an inherent limitation of how floating point values are represented in memory in a finite number of bits. This program, for instance, prints “false”: public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { double a = 0.7; double b = 0.9; double x = a + 0.1; double y … Read more

Floating point less-than-equal comparisons after addition and substraction

No, there is no best practice. Unfortunately, there cannot be, because almost all floating-point calculations introduce some rounding error, and the consequences of the errors are different for different applications. Typically, software will perform some calculations that ideally would yield some exact mathematical result x but, due to rounding errors (or other issues), produce an … Read more

Getting the decimal part of a double in Swift

You can use truncatingRemainder and 1 as the divider. Returns the remainder of this value divided by the given value using truncating division. Apple doc Example: let myDouble1: Double = 12.25 let myDouble2: Double = 12.5 let myDouble3: Double = 12.75 let remainder1 = myDouble1.truncatingRemainder(dividingBy: 1) let remainder2 = myDouble2.truncatingRemainder(dividingBy: 1) let remainder3 = myDouble3.truncatingRemainder(dividingBy: … Read more