Evaluating a string of simple mathematical expressions [closed]

Assembler 427 bytes Obfuscated, assembled with the excellent A86 into a .com executable: dd 0db9b1f89h, 081bee3h, 0e8af789h, 0d9080080h, 0bdac7674h, 013b40286h dd 07400463ah, 0ccfe4508h, 08ce9f675h, 02fc8000h, 013b0057eh, 0feaac42ah dd 0bedf75c9h, 0ba680081h, 04de801h, 04874f73bh, 04474103ch, 0e8e8b60fh dd 08e8a003fh, 0e880290h, 0de0153h, 08b57e6ebh, 0d902a93eh, 046d891dh dd 08906c783h, 05f02a93eh, 03cffcee8h, 057197510h, 02a93e8bh, 08b06ef83h dd 05d9046dh, 02a93e89h, 03bc9d95fh, 0ac0174f7h, 074f73bc3h, 0f3cac24h … Read more

Code Golf: Mathematical expression evaluator (that respects PEMDAS)

C (465 characters) #define F for(i=0;P-8;i+=2) #define V t[i #define P V+1] #define S V+2]),K(&L,4),i-=2) #define L V-2] K(double*t,int i){for(*++t=4;*t-8;*++t=V])*++t=V];}M(double*t){int i,p,b; F if(!P)for(p=1,b=i;i+=2,p;)P?P-1||–p||(P=8,M(t+b+2),K(t+b,i-b),i=b):++p; F P-6||(L=pow(L,S;F P-2&&P-7||(L*=(P-7?V+2]:1/S;F P-4&&(L+=(P-5?V+2]:-S; F L=V];}E(char*s,char*r){double t[99];char*e,i=2,z=0;for(;*s;i+=2)V]= strtod(s,&e),P=z=e-s&&z-4&&z-1?s=e,4:*s++&7;P=8;M(t+2);sprintf(r,”%g”,*t);} The first five newlines are required, the rest are there just for readability. I’ve counted the first five newlines as one character each. If … Read more

Code Golf: Number to Words

Ok, I think it’s time for my own implementation in Windows BATCH script (should work on Windows 2000 or later). Here is the code: @echo off set zero_to_nineteen=Zero One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen set twenty_to_ninety=ignore ignore Twenty Thirty Forty Fifty Sixty … Read more