How do I map a char property using the Entity Framework 4.1 “code only” fluent API?

Char is not valid primitive type for entity framework = entity framework doesn’t map it. If you check CSDL reference you will see list of valid types (char is not among them). Database char(1) is translated as string (SQL to CSDL translation). Char is described as non-unicode string with fixed length 1. The only ugly … Read more

problems with char array = char array

You can’t assign anything to an array variable in C. It’s not a ‘modifiable lvalue’. From the spec, § Lvalues, arrays, and function designators: An lvalue is an expression with an object type or an incomplete type other than void; if an lvalue does not designate an object when it is evaluated, the behavior is … Read more

Why does this code with ‘1234’ compile in C++?

C++ has something called “multicharacter literals”. ‘1234’ is an example of one. They have type int, and it is implementation-defined what value they have and how many characters they can contain. It’s nothing directly to do with the fact that characters are represented as integers, but chances are good that in your implementation the value … Read more

Does C have a string type? [closed]

C does not and never has had a native string type. By convention, the language uses arrays of char terminated with a null char, i.e., with ‘\0′. Functions and macros in the language’s standard libraries provide support for the null-terminated character arrays, e.g., strlen iterates over an array of char until it encounters a ‘\0’ … Read more