How to prepare statement for update query? [duplicate]

An UPDATE works the same as an insert or select. Just replace all the variables with ?. $sql = “UPDATE Applicant SET phone_number=?, street_name=?, city=?, county=?, zip_code=?, day_date=?, month_date=?, year_date=? WHERE account_id=?”; $stmt = $db_usag->prepare($sql); // This assumes the date and account_id parameters are integers `d` and the rest are strings `s` // So that’s … Read more

mysql PDO how to bind LIKE

You could also say: SELECT wrd FROM tablename WHERE wrd LIKE CONCAT(:partial, ‘%’) to do the string joining at the MySQL end, not that there’s any particular reason to in this case. Things get a bit more tricky if the partial wrd you are looking for can itself contain a percent or underscore character (since … Read more

Bind multiple parameters into mysqli query

Unfortunately, by default, bind_param() doesn’t accept an array instead of separate variables. However, since PHP 5.6 there is a magnificent improvement that will do the trick. To bind an arbitrary number of variables into mysqli query you will need an argument unpacking operator. It will make the operation as simple and smooth as possible. For … Read more

mysqli bind_param for array of strings

Since PHP 8.1 you can pass an array directly to execute: $sql = “INSERT INTO users (email, password) VALUES (?,?)”; // sql $stmt = $mysqli->prepare($sql); // prepare $stmt->execute([$email, $password]); // execute with data! For the earlier versions the task is a bit elaborate but doable. I’ll take the explanation from my article Mysqli prepared statement … Read more

What is the difference between bindParam and bindValue?

From the manual entry for PDOStatement::bindParam: [With bindParam] Unlike PDOStatement::bindValue(), the variable is bound as a reference and will only be evaluated at the time that PDOStatement::execute() is called. So, for example: $sex = ‘male’; $s = $dbh->prepare(‘SELECT name FROM students WHERE sex = :sex’); $s->bindParam(‘:sex’, $sex); // use bindParam to bind the variable $sex … Read more