How to use 4d rotors

The most common way to represent goemetric algebra multivectors (including rotors) in a computer is via an array of coefficients, one for each canonical form algebra basis element (canonical basis blade) ie. for a 4D basis space you will have a 2^4 dimensional algebra and have 2^4 dimensional array of coefficients. An alternate but probably … Read more

Rotating Image on A canvas in android

You can either rotate your bitmap when you draw it by using a matrix: Matrix matrix = new Matrix(); matrix.setRotate(angle, imageCenterX, imageCenterY); yourCanvas.drawBitmap(yourBitmap, matrix, null); You can also do it by rotating the canvas before drawing:; //Saving the canvas and later restoring it so only this image will be rotated. yourCanvas.rotate(-angle); yourCanvas.drawBitmap(yourBitmap, left, top, … Read more