Android: looking for a drawArc() method with inner & outer radius

You can do this: Paint paint = new Paint(); final RectF rect = new RectF(); //Example values rect.set(mWidth/2- mRadius, mHeight/2 – mRadius, mWidth/2 + mRadius, mHeight/2 + mRadius); paint.setColor(Color.GREEN); paint.setStrokeWidth(20); paint.setAntiAlias(true); paint.setStrokeCap(Paint.Cap.ROUND); paint.setStyle(Paint.Style.STROKE); canvas.drawArc(rect, -90, 360, false, paint); The key is in paint.setStyle(Paint.Style.STROKE);, it crops the arc’s center with the stroke that you define in … Read more

Changing the Coordinate System in LibGDX (Java)

If you use a Camera (which you should) changing the coordinate system is pretty simple: camera= new OrthographicCamera(,; camera.setToOrtho(true,,; If you use TextureRegions and/or a TextureAtlas, all you need to do in addition to that is call region.flip(false, true). The reasons we use y-up by default (which you can easily change as … Read more

Java 2d rotation in direction mouse point

Using the Graphics2D rotation method is indeed the easiest way. Here’s a simple implementation: int centerX = width / 2; int centerY = height / 2; double angle = Math.atan2(centerY – mouseY, centerX – mouseX) – Math.PI / 2; ((Graphics2D)g).rotate(angle, centerX, centerY); g.fillRect(…); // draw your rectangle If you want to remove the rotation when … Read more

Javascript 2d array indexOf

You cannot use indexOf to do complicated arrays (unless you serialize it making everything each coordinate into strings), you will need to use a for loop (or while) to search for that coordinate in that array assuming you know the format of the array (in this case it is 2d). var arr = [[2,3],[5,8],[1,1],[0,9],[5,7]]; var … Read more