Spring Data JPA and Querydsl to fetch subset of columns using bean/constructor projection

Looks like custom repository implementation is the way to go for now until something similar available in spring data.

I have gone through http://static.springsource.org/spring-data/data-jpa/docs/current/reference/html/repositories.html#repositories.custom-implementations

Here is my implementation which works. However it would be good to have this method available directly in Spring-Data-JPA

Step 1: Intermediate interface for shared behavior

public interface CustomQueryDslJpaRepository <T, ID extends Serializable>
        extends JpaRepository<T, ID>, QueryDslPredicateExecutor<T> {
     * Returns a {@link org.springframework.data.domain.Page} of entities matching the given {@link com.mysema.query.types.Predicate}.
     * This also uses provided projections ( can be JavaBean or constructor or anything supported by QueryDSL
     * @param constructorExpression this constructor expression will be used for transforming query results
     * @param predicate
     * @param pageable
     * @return
    Page<T> findAll(FactoryExpression<T> factoryExpression, Predicate predicate, Pageable pageable);

Step 2: Implementation of intermediate interface

public class CustomQueryDslJpaRepositoryImpl<T, ID extends Serializable> extends QueryDslJpaRepository<T, ID>
        implements CustomQueryDslJpaRepository<T, ID> {

    //All instance variables are available in super, but they are private
    private static final EntityPathResolver DEFAULT_ENTITY_PATH_RESOLVER = SimpleEntityPathResolver.INSTANCE;

    private final EntityPath<T> path;
    private final PathBuilder<T> builder;
    private final Querydsl querydsl;

    public CustomQueryDslJpaRepositoryImpl(JpaEntityInformation<T, ID> entityInformation, EntityManager entityManager) {
        this(entityInformation, entityManager, DEFAULT_ENTITY_PATH_RESOLVER);

    public CustomQueryDslJpaRepositoryImpl(JpaEntityInformation<T, ID> entityInformation, EntityManager entityManager,
                                 EntityPathResolver resolver) {

        super(entityInformation, entityManager);
        this.path = resolver.createPath(entityInformation.getJavaType());
        this.builder = new PathBuilder<T>(path.getType(), path.getMetadata());
        this.querydsl = new Querydsl(entityManager, builder);

    public Page<T> findAll(FactoryExpression<T> factoryExpression, Predicate predicate, Pageable pageable) {
        JPQLQuery countQuery = createQuery(predicate);
        JPQLQuery query = querydsl.applyPagination(pageable, createQuery(predicate));

        Long total = countQuery.count();
        List<T> content = total > pageable.getOffset() ? query.list(factoryExpression) : Collections.<T> emptyList();

        return new PageImpl<T>(content, pageable, total);

Step 3: Create a custom repository factory to replace the default

public class CustomQueryDslJpaRepositoryFactoryBean<R extends JpaRepository<T, I>, T, I extends Serializable>
        extends JpaRepositoryFactoryBean<R, T, I> {

    protected RepositoryFactorySupport createRepositoryFactory(EntityManager entityManager) {

        return new CustomQueryDslJpaRepositoryFactory(entityManager);
    private static class CustomQueryDslJpaRepositoryFactory<T, I extends Serializable> extends JpaRepositoryFactory {

        private EntityManager entityManager;

        public CustomQueryDslJpaRepositoryFactory(EntityManager entityManager) {
            this.entityManager = entityManager;

        protected Object getTargetRepository(RepositoryMetadata metadata) {
            return new CustomQueryDslJpaRepositoryImpl<>(getEntityInformation(metadata.getDomainType()), entityManager);

        protected Class<?> getRepositoryBaseClass(RepositoryMetadata metadata) {
            return CustomQueryDslJpaRepository.class;

Step 4: Use the custom repository factory

Using annotation


OR using XML

<repositories base-package="com.acme.repository"  factory-class="com.acme.CustomQueryDslJpaRepositoryFactoryBean" />

Note: Don’t place custom repository interface and implementation in the same directory as base-package. If you are placing then exclude them from scanning otherwise spring will try to create beans for them

Sample usage

public interface UserDemoRepository extends CustomQueryDslJpaRepository<UserDemo, Long>{

public class UserDemoService {
    UserDemoRepository userDemoRepository;

    public Page<User> findAll(UserSearchCriteria userSearchCriteria, Pageable pageable) {
        QUserDemo user = QUserDemo.userDemo;
        return userDemoRepository.findAll(Projections.bean(UserDemo.class, user.id, user.username), UserPredicate.defaultUserSearch(userSearchCriteria), pageable);


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