Returning a file to View/Download in ASP.NET MVC

public ActionResult Download()
    var document = ...
    var cd = new System.Net.Mime.ContentDisposition
        // for example foo.bak
        FileName = document.FileName, 

        // always prompt the user for downloading, set to true if you want 
        // the browser to try to show the file inline
        Inline = false, 
    Response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition", cd.ToString());
    return File(document.Data, document.ContentType);

NOTE: This example code above fails to properly account for international characters in the filename. See RFC6266 for the relevant standardization. I believe recent versions of ASP.Net MVC’s File() method and the ContentDispositionHeaderValue class properly accounts for this. – Oskar 2016-02-25

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