Retrieve only the queried element in an object array in MongoDB collection

MongoDB 2.2’s new $elemMatch projection operator provides another way to alter the returned document to contain only the first matched shapes element:

    {"shapes.color": "red"}, 
    {_id: 0, shapes: {$elemMatch: {color: "red"}}});


{"shapes" : [{"shape": "circle", "color": "red"}]}

In 2.2 you can also do this using the $ projection operator, where the $ in a projection object field name represents the index of the field’s first matching array element from the query. The following returns the same results as above:

db.test.find({"shapes.color": "red"}, {_id: 0, 'shapes.$': 1});

MongoDB 3.2 Update

Starting with the 3.2 release, you can use the new $filter aggregation operator to filter an array during projection, which has the benefit of including all matches, instead of just the first one.

    // Get just the docs that contain a shapes element where color is 'red'
    {$match: {'shapes.color': 'red'}},
    {$project: {
        shapes: {$filter: {
            input: '$shapes',
            as: 'shape',
            cond: {$eq: ['$$shape.color', 'red']}
        _id: 0


        "shapes" : [ 
                "shape" : "circle",
                "color" : "red"

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